The Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) people named the river for the bountiful salmon pool which lay at the mouth of the stream. The name "Becaguimec" literally means "the place where the salmon lie." The fertile land at the mouth of the Becaguimec has been inhabited for centuries. The hill above the south bank of the stream's mouth (Hagerman's Hill) made an exceptional look-out point from which several miles up the Saint John River can be seen. One of the earliest records of permanent settlement at this site indicates that in 1790 a Wolastoqiyik man by the name of Governor Toma was found "tilling his cornfield" at the mouth of the Becaguimec. The first white settler to arrive at the mouth of the Becaguimec was Loyalist William Orser in 1797. Several more families soon followed and a community coalesced known as Mouth of 'Guimac. Mouth of 'Guimac was renamed Hartland in 1860


Becaguimec Trail Association

We are a volunteer driven non-profit organization dedicated to creating and  caring for a sustainable trail network within the community of Hartland, New Brunswick.

Becaguimec (/ˌbɛkəˈɡwɪmɛk)


Photo Credit:Becaguimec Trail Association